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Alexius Managed Legal Services Value Proposition

Provide clients with appropriate solutions in meeting their ongoing legal challenges. We accomplish this by assembling a team of experts and equipping them with a powerful infrastructure. The result is an unprecedented value proposition that can’t be matched by traditional law firms.  To learn more, click on the following:


Alexius Managed Legal Services Proficiencies

Demonstrating a high degree of competence is how we define proficiency. To be the best at delivering managed legal services, Alexius has amassed proficiencies in four critical areas  – Evaluation, Planning, Execution and Support.


  • Evaluation

    We achieve “on point” evaluation through a proven best-practices discovery methodology. Profiling key stakeholders, identifying technology capabilities and documenting goals and expectations are all part our comprehensive analysis.

  • Planning

    Our statements of work (SOW) are produced through a very collaborative process with each and every client. In addition to timelines, budgets and deliverables, we include resource requirements; keys to success and an action plan if/when the project veers off course. 

  • Execution

    Execution is everything and communication is one of the most important drivers for success. Our project team will work diligently to assure everyone involved has the information they need when they need it. This is accomplished by combining state-of-art technology tools and an Agile production process.

  • Support

    Our responsiveness does not end when the project is completed. We are available to answer questions, retrieve important information or just listen to a concern. We want to be your partner and we will be there when you need us!


Benefits of Managed Legal Services

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